Beautiful ‘bohemian meets wilderness’ themed nursery

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You know when you see a nursery that is so utterly and completely stunning that you literally want to live in there yourself? Yes well, get ready to want to move in to this one… Kyree Harvey (creator, stylist and blogger from Miss Kyree Loves) who is 25 weeks pregnant, has revealed her baby nursery and I’m seriously in love with it all!! She has kindly said we can share it all here for our Baby Berry followers… 

When it comes to wanting a baby, Kyree and and her husband Ben have been through a lot. Their story dates back a while and they’ve been incredibly patient waiting to get to this point… so when you’ve been waiting this long, a great deal of planning goes into a nursery. And so it is to be expected…! You can just tell that their heart and souls have gone into getting this nursery ready for their little one. 

They’re not finding out the sex of their baby so of course it was important to ensure the theme wasn’t leaning towards one way or the other. The theme that Kyree has chosen is a ‘Bohemian meets wilderness’ kind of theme. And it works. I mean, it really really works. Talk about stylish… this is hands down one of the best nurseries I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a fair few!).

With Kyree being such a creative spirit, she was bursting with ideas and so she decided to link in with Bel from Nest Design Studio. Bel (whose work we’ve featured here at Baby Berry on numerous occasions) actually created an E Board soo that Kyree’s vision could come to life.

I love the neutral colours of mustards, grey tones and crisp whites that have been used in the nursery. Kyree says that it means that once the baby is born, she’ll be able to mix in blush pink and blues later down the track. I think is is pure genius! 

Take a look at this amazing nursery below and we’ll tell you how you can find various bits and pieces at the end. 

If you’re keen to know where certain products came from, Kyree has inspiration boards filled with links of what came from where – you can find it all here

Be sure to keep up to date with Kyree’s beautiful journey of pregnancy and all that it emcompasses along the way. You can follow her via any of the links below. 

Ps – her Instagram feed is ALL kinds of amazing!!

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