3 hard truths every new Mum needs to know

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We’re pretty chuffed that our fabulous friend Holly from Motherhood Melbourne has stopped by today. She’s an all-around awesome mum to 2 and is the Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne. It’s a rad community where Melbourne Mamas share their real stories of motherhood. Today she’s chatting with us about the 3 hard truths every new Mum needs to know… over to Holly…

Everyone around you is super excited about you becoming a first-time Mum. They probably bought you something really trendy and impractical to help with the Mama-gig. But did they sit you down and tell you what it’s really like to have a newborn? Did they look you in eyes and say that it’s not all cute cuddles and melodic nursey-rhymes? Did they? Just in case they didn’t, I will. I’m Holly the Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne and I feel it’s my duty to fill you in some hard truths. Not because I want to scare you but to prepare you. I’m really friendly like that.

1. Newborns are a tad boring

For the first 6 or so weeks, there’s no cute baby smiles, no giggles and certainly no sleep. They literally give you nothin’. Zip, zilch, nada in the whole feedback stakes. It doesn’t matter how many rippa Mum jokes you use, your baby will guzzle milk, poop, cry and hopefully sleep. Repeat that sequence over and over. See, what did I tell ya? Boring! Sure, you’ll read them a book or two to fill in time and make them super smart but the days are loooong. Just park your Mum bum on the couch and soak up as many episodes of Dawson’s Creek / Sex and the City / Gossip Girl re-runs as you can.

GREAT NEWS – Those giggles will come and it’s the BEST sound you’ll hear in your life. If standing on your left leg, whilst making monkey sounds and doing the Macarena makes your child laugh – you’ll do it! Anything to hear that sweet sound.

Motherhood Melbourne - 3 hard truths all new mums need to know

2. You will not be cafe hangin’ every day

Did you dream of sitting in chic cafes, with your sweet baby sleeping in ‘all da bells and whistles’ pram? Thought you’d be sippin’ on the latest Mermaid lattes or Matcha-cino? I’m really sorry to burst your bubble (seriously, I am), but it just won’t be happening – not yet (ok, probably not that often- errr perhaps never).

When you’re a new Mum, getting out of the house with a newbie bub is challenging. When the window of opportunity to get out of the house happens, you can guarantee someone does a sh#t. Not you (that’d be weird) the baby. Then you’ve gotta get stinky baby out of the car before the pumes (poo fumes) soak deep into your carseats. And once you’re inside, you’ll probably just want to stay there.

BRIGHT SIDE – Cafe coffees are expensive! Save that money and for every coffee you miss, treat yo self to something pretty. You deserve it. Heeeey, doesn’t Baby Berry Collective have a special spot for Mum gifts on their site? Hmmm I’m certain it’s called the Your Directory #SeeWhatIDidThere?

Motherhood Melbourne - 3 hard truths all new mums need to know

3. You’ll feel oh-so-lonely

You’ve got your cute mini sidekick now but they’re not one for conversation, are they? You’re going to feel lonely. Especially if you don’t have friends or fam with babies that are similar in age (and in sync with your baby’s nap times). You’ll watch the clock just hoping for your partner to walk in the door. And your heart will sink when someone cancels plans because you just wanted to have the company – of the non-Wiggles kind.

CHEER UP CHARLIE – Motherhood gives you a darn good excuse to make new friends. You’ll always have interrupted convos but the time with other Mamas will help you. Join a mother’s group or lock in some me-time at a Mama-friendly event. I just so happen to list ones that are happening in Melbourne. Find it over on Motherhood Melbourne #ShamelessPlug.

I hope you’re ok after all of the truth-bombs I just planted on you. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to motherhood and I’m a big believer in helping a Mama out. If you are too, share this article with a Mama-to-be friend so she can really prepare for motherhood.

About Holly

Holly is the Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne. It’s a rad community where Melbourne Mamas share their real stories of motherhood. There’s also a podcast to get in ya ears. Mamas on a Mission features mighty Melb Mamas who are on a mission to help others. They’re changing the world and nappies! Multi-tasking at it’s finest. Lastly, the best Mama-friendly events happening around town are listed on there. Let down your mum-bun and make a self-care date. Join the hood (it’s FREE) for the latest hood happenings.

Holly is often followed into the bathroom by her pug Mr.Giuseppe and two boys 4 and under.

Check out her Instagram page and Facebook too!

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