3 super helpful baby products every parent needs

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you’re a new parent, it’s hard to know what products to buy and what products not to buy. There’s so much to choose from and it can be overwhelming at the best of times! One business who are in the business of making parents life that much easier is Puggle Baby Australia. They have 3 super helpful baby products that every parent needs.

Changing Wallet – it has everything you need!

Price: $44.95
What’s so great about this changing wallet? Well what isn’t!?

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2 products in 1: The changing mat zips off of the clutch, so it can be used on its own as a stylish clutch. This detachable feature also makes it very easy to clean.

2 toy attachment rings: These have been included to keep bubs entertained while changing. You can attach your own toys using “Lots of Links”, or even tie ribbons onto it.

Head pillow: In-built 7 mm thick foam pillow for bub’s head.

Key ring holder: So you always know where your keys are.

Velcro strap: Allows you to attach the Changing Wallet to your pram, or assists you when using it as a clutch and your hands are full. There is also an additional strap on the top of the changing wallet to make transporting your Changing Wallet easier.


  • Open: 92cm long x 29cm wide, WINGS 48cm wide
  • Closed: 25cm x 29cm x 6cm (empty)
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas outer, PU leather trim, PVC lining

Why you need this product…

It has everything thing you need for a successful nappy change right at your finger tips.

It is great when you are on the road and can be used in the back of your car.

It can keep bubs entertained while changing their nappy while out and about. You don’t need to worry about putting extra towels or jumpers under their head when you are changing them, as the inbuilt pillow will look after bubs.

NO other product on the market has ring holes to attach their toys too. It also has a specialised baby wipe pocket, so your wipes are always easy to reach.

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Pram organiser – everything you need while out and about

Price: $49.95


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This has a touch sensitive smart phone window, sized to fit all smart phones. How brilliant is that?! Now you can make and answer calls without needing to stop and pull you phone out. The touch sensitive window allows you to operate your phone’s touch screen while it’s still safely stored in the pocket.

Headphone access opening in window: Plug your headphones in and away you go!

Fits any pram: Our adjustable velcro stroller straps will fit onto any pram handle. They are easily attached and removed.

Shoulder strap: The shoulder strap can be attached to the same clips as the stroller straps. This means that the Puggle Pram Organiser can be easily carried like a hand bag for when your hands are full.

Internal mesh pockets: Can help you keep your Puggle Pram Organiser super organised. They can be used for so many items, like water bottles, keys, wallet, sun- screen, snacks, tissues, baby wipes. Really anything

Wipeable internal lining: The whole internal section of the Puggle Pram Organiser is lined with PVC. Meaning that it’s super easy to wipe up spills (or put that half eaten banana back in), without worrying about marking the material.

Large rear pocket: This pocket is actually big enough to fit a nappy and a small packet of baby wipes. This means that you will always be prepared for that unexpected nappy change.


  • DIMENSIONS: 30cm long x 10cm wide x 20cm high
  • SMART PHONE POCKET: 20.5cm long x 10cm wide
  • MATERIALS: Cotton Canvas outer, PU leather trim, PVC lining
  • COLOUR: Black outer with Tan trim. White internal lining

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Adventure Nappy Backpack

Price: $149
Whether it’s an afternoon at the park, a day at the beach, or a trip to the snow; the Puggle Adventure Nappy backpack is ready for your next adventure.

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  • 11 cleverly placed pockets and sections
  • Easy pack & stuff pocket
  • Front storage zip pocket
  • Two side pockets: thermal lined drink bottle pocket and tissues/ baby wipes pocket
  • Bottom nappy/baby wipes storage pocket changing mat pocket
  • Concealed valuables pocket

Large rear compartment is divided into four sections:

1. Laptop/ ipad pocket

2. Main storage section

3. Soft mesh pocket with divider

4. Small zip section

Middle compartment is divided into two sections:

1. Hot/cold or wet/dry section

2. Mesh pocket baby change mat included – pvc lined, with water repellent outer.

External features:

  • Water repellent shell with splash proof zips
  • Slimline design
  • Padded top handle
  • Durable pedestal feet
  • Breathable back padding & padded straps
  • Chest strap stroller buckles: these will attach to any pram.

Dimensions: 48cm long x 10cm wide x 31cm high

Weight: 1.1 kg

Materials: water repellent nylon outer shell, splash proof zips, pu leather trim, pvc lining, polyester mesh

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So there you have it folks – 3 super helpful baby products that every parent needs! These will make being out and about iwth baby that much easier. Everything you need at your fingertips!

Puggle Baby Australia

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Puggle Baby Australia create baby gear for adventurous parents. They want you to get out and have memorable experiences with your kids. So they’ve designed their range of baby accessories to help you do just that. Whether it’s an afternoon at the park, a day at the beach, or a trip to the snow; the Puggle’s gear is for any adventure.

Free shipping on orders over $75 | Afterpay available

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