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Why is it always so tricky to get those who are the most tired to actually go to sleep?! It’s one of those things you have to spend time working through until you find the right pattern and right combination. Luckily there are certainly helpful baby sleep products out there to help you along the way…

Here are some of our favourites – all from small businesses because you know that’s where my heart lies… support small as much as you can!


Raffy the Fawn Sleep Toy

This is sure to help your little one nod off into dreamland…
As well as being super cute, ‘Raffy The Fawn’ Sleep Toy has been designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep.

Through the use of sound, comfort and routine these toys support babies and toddlers in falling asleep calmly and resettling.

5 cute cuddly characters to choose from. With over 4500 5 star reviews the proof of their success with sleep is in what real parents say.

Exclusive offer – Enjoy 10% off every purchase of a $65 toy  – codeword BBGUIDE10

Available from: Riff Raff
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Large stretch swaddle

It’s sleep time and you need to make sure they’re wrapped up nice tight so they feel comfy… well you can cocoon your littlest in this large, stretchy swaddle, designed with multi-use practicality in mind.

Sustainable fabric (96% EcoCosy® Viscose, 4% Elastane). Soft and breathable

Measurement 120cm x 120cm
Self-fabric binding detail and bag included

Exclusive offer – 20% off first time purchase – codeword KYNDBABYBERRY

Available from: Kynd Baby
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Heading out and about with your little one? This is a game changer.
CoziGo is a snug, cozy and safe cover for your baby when you’re out and about or traveling.

This award-winning, pop-up sleep cover fits all airline cots, strollers and bassinets to promote sleep and sun protection for your baby.

Ideal for Travelling and daily outings CoziGo helps baby sleep on long haul flights or long days in the pram giving baby a safe, calm space to sleep when away from home.

The UVP 50+ rating means your baby is always be protected from the sun.

Sleep Comes so Easily by blocking 97% of light whilst it’s breathability and unique dome shape provides a free flow of air, so your baby can breath easy.

And in this crazy world, CoziGo helps to maintain social distancing and deter contact to reduce baby’s exposure to germs and retain privacy.

Available from: Cozigo
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Magnesium Roller

Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, encourages a good night’s sleep, can improve mood and stabilize mood swings.

Apply this to your children’s feet at bedtime to encourage a good nights sleep. It will also help restore the normal functioning of the nervous system.

The magnesium is infused with Lavender Peace essential oil that will also support a restful night’s sleep and make it easier for your child to fall asleep.

Moonstone crystals are added, which are calming, soothing and add a little magic to the bedtime routine.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Magnesium Chloride, Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oils (lavender Peace), moonstone crystals.

The roller bottles have been designed to be reusable. When you run out you can simply buy a refill bottle which will give you the equivalent of 3 more roller bottles

Available from: Kids Soul Tribe
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During the fourth trimester, a newborn baby feels safest and most calm when they are close to their carer.

Wearing your baby in the VIXSA Wrap Carrier is the closest feeling to being back in the womb and provides comfort for baby to drift off to sleep.

Sleeping in the carrier allows the freedom to move while you’re out and about and still fit in a good nap.

The Wrap Carrier also can “save naps”, so if baby wakes up a bit early, you can pop baby in the wrap, and will likely fall back asleep. 

Available from: Vixsa
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All lovingly NZ made from Australasian 180GSM merino wool in a range of beautiful colours

This merino baby wrap has a great natural stretch meaning you’ll get the perfect wrap or swaddle for your baby. This will give them the feeling of security, wrapped up like a cocoon, that they need to get to sleep and have a good sleep.

Merino baby wraps will support you to maintain your baby’s perfect core temperature. It’ll keep them cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool.

It’ll keep baby dry always – merino wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% its own weight in moisture without making you feel damp.

Merino wool has antimicrobial properties which repel odour making our products super easy to care for.

All natural – merino wool is perfect for precious new skin and doesn’t have that itchy feel that traditional wool may.

Ethically and sustainably sourced and made. This is a product that is going to last! Store away for your next baby or pass down as a precious keepsake.

Free matching knotted beanie with any merino baby wrap purchased (valued at $25).

Exclusive offer – 10% off first purchase – codeword BABYBERRY

Available from: Zee Zee Merino
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Transition from swaddle to free arms without losing sleep!

Once your baby is showing signs of being able to roll, swaddling is no longer safe. Sleepy Hugs is safe for babies who have started to roll onto their tummy during sleep as they are able to move their arms into their preferred position.

The Sleepy Hugs is a uniquely designed sleep suit/bag designed for babies who have outgrown swaddling and prefer unrestricted arm movement but still need some security to calm their startle reflex. Providing just enough security to combat the startle reflex, it’s the perfect sleep suit to help babies transition to free arms without losing sleep.  Perfect for tummy rollers.

💤  soft breathable organic cotton, won’t cause overheating
💤  allows baby to sleep in their natural sleeping position
💤  safe for when babies start to roll and can no longer be swaddled
💤  allows access to their hands for self-soothing
💤  fully enclosed arms helps prevent scratching, great for eczema
💤  wide sack accommodates a hip dysplasia brace
💤  bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes
💤  sized for newborns up to 12+ months

Exclusive offer
– 15% off – codeword BABYBERRY

Available from: Baby Loves Sleep
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An organic, breathable and soft portable bed for bub to rest anywhere anytime, home and away from home.
The Baby Nest is made out of certified organic materials inside and out to ensure a healthy environment free from chemicals and toxins. Swedish design, handmade in Brisbane, Australia and 100% filled with love.
The Baby Nest is portable and easy to bring along for adventures and bub can have a rest wherever you are without interrupting the sleep routine.
Fold and tuck it into the complementary string bag. Size can be adjusted with the ropes, start with nest tied and open the nest as bub grows.

Exclusive offer
– 15% off – codeword BabyBerry15

Available from: Eco Baby Boutique
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Having a nightlight in the room can be really helpful to those who don’t like a completely pitch black room. There are so many designs to choose from at Lumi Night Lights.

This holographic Night Light emits a soft calming warm light for your little love. A gorgeous light to help little one’s drift off to sleep

USB Cable Included
LED Energy Saving Light

Exclusive offer – 15% off  (+ free shipping on all purchases) – codeword BABYBERRY15

Available from: Lumi Night Lights
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The personalised LED night light makes the ideal gift for a child’s room.

Dinosaur Design: 16cm tall from tip to bottom of base plate. 18.6cm wide from tip to tip. The dinosaur design comes in a warm white LED. Wooden base included.

Lights come with a USB plug connection as standard and require a 240v to 5v standard plug outlet to operate not included. Lights can be used from a USB battery pack or 240v standard plug outlet (not included).

The Personalised Dino Night Light will be name only in fancy or plain text in white vinyl.

Keep out of reach of children.
Compliant with Australian Safety Standard

Exclusive offer – 15% off – codeword BABYBERRY15

Available from: Personalise Your World
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Having a blanket that is soft and breathable will reduce the risk of overheating. When babies get too hot, they can of course wake up – so having the right blanket is important so they don’t overhead and instead, continue with their sleep.
These are made of 30% bamboo and 70% cotton and can be used as pram covers or layered in the winter months.
Exclusive offer – 20% off – codeword BERRY20

Available from: Cheeky Roos
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Making sure your little one is nice and comfy in bed is essential. These lovely cot sheets have exclusive hand-illustrated designs, using watercolour to capture the bond between mother and baby through animal designs.
Made from Australian Cotton Jersey, Soft, Stretchy and Lightweight. Fitted Sheet Size 135cm x 75cm x 22cm, fitting all standard cots.
Exclusive offer – 10% off – codeword BABYBERRY

Available from: Doe & Fawn
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Your little one may be waking up due to wetting the bed. But there’s no need to panic. When you have a bed wetting mat, it takes that fear away. And these designs are simply gorgeous!
  • Plastic free
  • Non toxic
  • 100% waterproof
  • Highly absorbent
  • Super quick and easy to change allowing you to get back to sleep quicker

Exclusive offer
– 15% off – codeword BABYBERRY15

Available from: The Midnight Gang
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Provide your baby with an oh so soft-as-a-cloud sleep environment while protecting the mattress with these waterproof healthcare fabric on the underside.

Using beautiful 100% Australian lambswool, this natural fibre will provide a wonderful softness but also heat regulation to help your baby feel warm in winter and cool in summer.  

Available from: Stay Dry
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Sweet dreams are made of these… An organic balm with tranquil organic aromatherapy and an infusion of comforting herbs soothes and calm your baby so they can relax and sleep naturally. Great for adults too, you can carry the convenient little tin with you to use during the day when feeling uneasy or stressed!

Available from: Biocasa
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This isn’t just a cover for a pram, it’s definitely a multipurpose cover. It can be used as a stroller sun protector cover, baby carrier sunshade, a breastfeeding drape and also a muslin stroller blanket.

It has UPF 50+ protection and lab-tested airflow. Plus, a very dark colour to create a soothing, darkened environment, ideal for blocking out light and encouraging on-the-go naps

Available from: Musluv
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Massage your baby before bedtime and let them have a restful sleep with this beautiful blend from New Zealand. 

Combining coconut, jojoba, lavender, evening primrose and sweet almond oils, it’s safe, non-toxic and perfect for relaxing.

Available from: On Chic Baby Clothes
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Sleeping bags are the safest garments for a baby to sleep in once they grow out of the swaddling as it removes the risk of suffocation by using blankets in the cot

These sleeping bags are made with premium cotton and come in 3 TOG ratings

They are all independently tested to meet AU/NZ sleep safety standards.

When to use = when your little one stops being swaddled. This is normally around the 3-4month time when they start to show signs of rolling.

Available from: Anchor & Arrow
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Keeping little ones warm is an important part of getting that night sleep routine right. These nighties are the perfect layer to wear under a sleeping bag or baby wrap on those colder nights.

For babies born in the warmer months or climates this is perfect just to wear on its own in the bassinet.

Merino wool helps for a better, longer sleep as it helps to regulate body temperate, preventing overheating or waking up cold during the night. 

Merino is also naturally hypoallergenic and is kind against sensitive skin. 

The nightie has little built in fold over mittens to prevent scratching and to keep little hands warm.


Available from: Sweet Cheeks Merino
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Woven from 100% luxurious, soft cotton jersey interlock, these fitted cot sheets are soft, warm and a little stretchy. Just perfect!

Elasticated all around to fit snug and securely, there is no need to iron these (winning!)

Size: 135 x 77 x 19 cm – fits all Australian standard size cot mattresses (incl. Boori)

Available from: Juna Bear Baby Boutique
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Supporting small is essential…

So there you go! Lots of helpful baby sleep products for your little loves. If you see anything you need, we’d love you to support one of these beautiful small businesses. Where a real person actually does a little happy dance!

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