Bedding for kids – Belinda’s top picks

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Today Belinda from Nest Design Studio is sharing with us some of her favourites when it comes to linen and bedding. If you’re in the need for some bedding for your little one, come check this out. Over to Bel…


With Leo spending a LOT of time in bed this week (he had his tonsils & adenoids out), it got me thinking about bed linen – and also because I REALLY can’t decide which doona cover to buy for Leo’s Room! There are so many creative and brilliant quality brands doing amazing kids linen that I decided I needed to share some of my favourites with you!

First up, Sack Me. Li-Ann is one super talented lady and I think her newest collection (which is due to be released very soon) is one of my favourites. I’m sure you all know the iconic Sundae quilt cover!
Nest Design Studio - top picks for bedding for kids

Next, who can go past Kip & Co. Let’s just talk about their collaborations first up. Last year it was Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie, this year it’s Anamalia (my pick – The Proudest Peacock). I love how they bring iconic children’s literature back to life.
Nest Design Studio - top picks for bedding for kids

Feliz have been producing a unique and beautiful range of line for the last years and I’ve specified quite a few of their Sprinkle Sprinkle covers for clients in the past. They are the perfect mix of pattern and colour. But my current go to? The Wiggles range. Available in mustard and pink, the pattern is fab, but it’s the quality of the fabric that wins me over.

Nest Design Studio - top picks for bedding for kids
I have recently specified The Midnight Gang Unicorn Quilt for one of my clients and I am just hanging to see the finished room! With a beautiful pattern on each side, the colours are the perfect mix of bright and pastel (yes, that’s a thing!). The other thing I love? Their waterproof sheet protectors….I think I will be investing in one when time comes for Leo to move out of nappies!
Nest Design Studio - top picks for bedding for kids

Finally, I’m sure you have all seen Bonne Mere quilts popping up all over instagram. A timeless style that regularly sell out super quick, these quilts are available in a beautiful range of colours to fit into any nursery or big room!

Nest Design Studio - top picks for bedding for kids
I’m really lucky to work with lots of different brands and these are just the tip of the iceberg; some of the brands that are my first ‘go to’ when I’m designing a room for a client.

Who are some of your favourites?


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