Cubbi Buddi – kids play lounge

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Kids jump on furniture, that’s a given! But it certainly can drive you slightly mad!! Check out this great option… a Cubbi Buddi! A play sofa, just for the kids! A Cubbi Buddi is not just a kid’s play lounge…no no no, it’s so much more than that! It’s a place to jump, crash, roll, build, wrestle, hide and relax on.

It can be a cubby, a spaceship, a tower, a fort, a lounge, a car ramp, a slide, a crocodile, an obstacle course, a bed for sleepovers… the only limit is your imagination! It is simply the ultimate energy burner.

Cubbi Buddi is Australian owned and made by mums and Paediatric Occupational Therapists who are striving to upskill all parents in the early development and provide developmental activity guides to help get the most out of your Cubbi Buddi play!

I just love how it can sit nicely in the corner or up against a wall when it’s not being used and then BOOM, the kids come in and it’s time to play and create!

What is it made from?

It’s made from the highest quality foam and commercial grade upholstery. It is spot cleanable, machine washable, naturally stain resistant and also available in a soft buttery vinyl option.

Is it easy to move around?

Yes, it’s super simple! Cubbi Buddi’s have handles on each piece so they can be easily moved by your children for building and packing away! It packs away neatly into a beautiful lounge that compliments any room in your house.

Are there other bits to add in to it?

Yes, there are some super awesome ‘add on’ shapes available to extend the obstacle course play, building ideas and FUN!

Play opportunities with Cubbi Buddi

A Cubbi Buddi provides open ended play opportunities that help develop gross motor skills, creative thinking, problem solving, safe risk taking, developing muscle strength, motor planning skills, imaginative play and help calm busy bodies! 

Are there colour options?

Yes! There is an amazing range of colours to choose from (you’ll see them all on their website)

So there you have it! If you’re looking for a special space that kids can call their own, this is it! Be sure to check out much more across on their website via the button below.

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