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Children's sterling silver jewellery

Bo + Bala: jewellery that embodies the dreams and imagination of children. The brand was born out of the realisation that our children constantly strengthen our characters, with their zest for life and capacity to love. It was from this inspiration that the brand was born. Bo + Bala means “To Live Young”.

Each Bo + Bala piece endeavors to capture the essence of childhood, promoting positive affirmations and strength of character, with the highest quality 925 sterling silver. The product is designed in NZ and manufactured by an ethical sterling silver specialist manufacturer in Thailand.

There are around 14 collections featuring sterling silver dainty initialed pieces, zodiac signs, straight up positive life symbols as well as a gorgeous ‘mum and bub’ matching Lotus Bud set under the Baby Bo brand, that celebrates new beginnings, cherishes special milestones and relishes in unconditional love.

FREE Shipping over $100 to Aus, Over $50 across NZ. Laybuy also available.

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