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The year 2020…one for the record books, hey? If you are anything like us, you’re desperately waiting for the day it all becomes a distant memory. Today we’re chatting with Edwards and Co about the importance of embracing the slow.

With schools shut down and parents working from home, the juggle is real. And if you’re a new parent or expecting a little one very soon, the start of parenthood is probably looking a tad overwhelming.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, to feel as though life is on pause and you’re not really sure how to carry on. Although it’s hard (and we’re not denying that!), the silver lining is that we can learn to embrace the change and perhaps enjoy slowing down?

Edwards and co prams - the importance of slowing down

The benefits of slow

Fourth trimester

Most of us give a huge amount of thought to the birth of our baby (is that an understatement?!) but don’t consider what comes next. The fourth trimester is what we call the first 3 months of a baby’s life.

It’s the newborn phase when baby is just getting used to the world.

Some babies make the transition from womb to world easily while others need a lot of support. They’re often the ones who love white noise, sleeping only on mum’s chest, and don’t seem to know what routine is!

It’s greatly beneficial for both mum and baby to slow down the fourth trimester:

  • Less visitors means parents have plenty of opportunities to bond with baby (and mum feels comfortable breastfeeding or doing skin-to-skin with no pesky relatives watching).
  • Mum can rest and heal properly after childbirth without the pressure of leaving the house and getting back to “normal”.
  • Your baby might be more settled and content in their own environment, without too much stimulation.
  • The days feel long but it truly does go so fast. You might look back on this as one of the most precious times in your life.
Edwards and co prams - the importance of slowing down

A slow childhood

It goes without saying that you are probably missing your coffee catch ups and the kids are most likely missing their friends. Although, your children might surprise you at how well they adapt to just chilling out at home. It’s us parents who are struggling with the change!

  • Our kids have more time to potter around the backyard and play in their room with their toys. This kind of open-ended play is great for their imagination, problem-solving and creativity.
  • You might be able to learn new skills together, like crafts or baking.
  • Anxious children might do best with slow days at home, without the usual hustle and bustle of daily activities and extracurriculars.
Edwards and co prams - the importance of slowing down

How to embrace slow

  • If you’re working from home, try to structure your day so there is dedicated ‘work’ and ‘play’ time. If you have to put the TV on to get your work done, so be it. But try to be present when it’s time to ‘play’.
  • Identify some of the trickier hours in the day and schedule the fun activities for then. Better yet, get the kids outside for a walk, bike or skip to shake the sillies out and reset.
  • Don’t try to do everything all at once. The whole point of slowing down is just that – slow down! You might get bored, the kids will definitely get bored…but hopefully we can learn to make use of natural resources around the home and strengthen our relationships with those we love.
Edwards and co prams - the importance of slowing down

A few tips from Edwards & Co

Our products are designed for real life, whether you live on a lifestyle block or in the city. Our strollers help you get outdoors and enjoy adventuring with your kids.

Here are our top tips:

  • Some accessories are “nice to haves” but some are essential. Make sure you’ve got a rain and sun cover for your stroller and make a point to get outside each day, no matter the weather.
  • An all-terrain buggy doesn’t limit you to the pavement. If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, bush or nature reserve, take your children on a scavenger hunt and spend an hour exploring.
  • If the baby’s nap is just not going to plan (!!), pop them in their stroller and head out for a walk. If the baby falls asleep – fabulous – and if not, the fresh air will do you (the parent) a world of good.

Thanks to the beautiful team at Edwards & Co for their thoughts on how slowing down in this current climate is essential. If you’re in need of a brilliant pram to get out and about for some fresh air, be sure to check them out via the link below.

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Stay safe out there everyone. And remember, slow is good the soul!

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