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Father’s Day Activities…Such a special day for all the very important dads out there. Yes, most of us mums will be buying gifts for the little one’s to give to their dads and yes it probably would have taken us ages to come up with something because let’s face it, men are so much harder to buy for than women are! 

But it doesn’t always have to be about spending and buying and purchasing (did I just say that outloud?!)

There are loads of fun activities you can do on Sunday for Dad and the kiddiewinks – here are a few of our favourites. 

1. Cooked breakfast in bed. 

A great way to get the kids involved too (if they’re old enough) – get messy in the kitchen making pancakes, make fresh orange juice, burn some toast… it’s the thought that counts and Dad will love it! 

2. Do the complete opposite and go out for breakfast. 

If you’re not keen to cook or have the kids cook, then take Dad out to a great local cafe and spoil him. Bacon and eggs tastes just as good (okay probably better) when someone else makes it. And also, no cleaning up. Bonus. 

3. Head out to the park/beach.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine and then head on out to the park. Take a ball, hit the swings, do whatever the kids want to do with Dad. Get some vitamin D and enjoy being outdoors!

4. Make a picnic. 

Old fashioned picnics are the best – sandwiches, strawberries (which are in abundence at the moment), fresh juice, maybe a slice of something tasty and of course a blanket. Then just stop and relax and watch the world go by. Again, if it’s not raining that is. 

5. Sport. 

Okay, there may be some sort of sport on TV. He may actually love just relaxing in front of the TV with kids by his side. And if its raining, you’ll feel less guilty about not being outside. Just go with it…

6. Hit the garden centre.

If Dad is in to gardening, there’s no better way to spend the day than roaming round the local garden centre and who knows, even though it’s Father’s Day, you may just end up getting that vege garden that you’ve always wanted. Score!

7. Bunnings.

Tools. Gadgets. Building stuff. Enough said.

8. Golf. 

I’m sure there are a number of golf enthusiasts out there and perhaps Dad would love a round of golf. If the kids are old enough to go to, bonus. But if he’s going solo, well, then… um, I guess he’s going solo. 

9. Art Centre/Museum.

Got an arty Dad? A great chance to check out the local Art Centre or Museum with him… kids love that sort of stuff too. Great wet weather plan. 

10. Throw the kids at him and run. 

It’s really important that he spend time with the children, regardless of what they end up doing… and after all, it is Sunday and the shops may just be callling your name… haha, I’m kidding…I think. 

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