Favourite kids rooms from around the globe

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Today Belinda from Nest Design Studios is sharing with us some of her favourite kids rooms from around the globe. Bel has an amazing eye when it comes to interior design (obviously!) and I just love that she’s able to find unique and beautiful rooms that differ to what we see every day on social media.  Over to Bel…

I’m keeping today’s post very simple by sharing some of my favourite kids rooms from around the globe.

While I love instagram, I find that the rooms you see on there (as a general rule) are the same old, same old. Slightly different versions of the same thing. Most of my inspiration has and still does come from Pinterest. So I’m going to share some of my faves (and you can check out my full board here).

Nest Design Studio - best kids bedrooms from around the globe

Photo credit – Like To Know It

This room has my name written allllll over it! What’s not to love? It’s classic, textural, calming and modern. It ticks everything on my list.

Nest Design Studio - best kids bedrooms from around the globe

Photo credit – Milk Decoration

Recently, I’ve had quite a few clients coming to me looking for help with designing a purpose built bed/storage/play area. What I particularly love about this one is the use of green as a feature colour.

Nest Design Studio - best kids bedrooms from around the globe

Photo credit – Pinterest

I searched and searched for the original source of this image but all roads kept coming back to pinterest, so if you know the original source, please let me know!
This little study space looks as though it is a full cabinetry made piece, but what I love about this idea is that you could simply paint out a square behind a shelf to designate a sweet little study space. A really simple but well executed design idea.

Nest Design Studio - best kids bedrooms from around the globe

Photo credit – Avenue Lifestyle

I’m pretty sure you will have seen this room! The colours are spot on; girly but not pink, pink, pink! The painted half wall is the perfect colour and the use of texture in the space, brings it to life.

Nest Design Studio - best kids bedrooms from around the globe

Photo credit – Homes To Love

I shared this image on my facebook & instagram page, so it’s fair to say I love it. Again, it’s the perfect colours combined with a winning use of texture that makes this room come to life. Even better, is the above link provides you with the pattern to make this DIY bed tent cover!

Honestly, I could go on and on as I’ve just scratched the surface of some rooms that are inspiring me at the moment. But for now, head over to my pinterest page to explore for yourself!


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