How to help build a sustainable future from a parenting perspective

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When we hear the word ‘sustainability’ we might first think of the environment and things like climate change, locally-grown food and recycling. But sustainability can be a big part of parenting, too.

Becoming an expectant parent opens us up to a whole new world of marketing and in your excitement to plan for your baby you’ve probably found yourself buying – and being given – a whole heap of stuff! Some is essential, all of it is cute, but not everything is absolutely necessary.

Don’t feel bad though because sometimes an essential everyday item in one household won’t ever be used in yours. You won’t know until you’ve been there and done that.

So, how can we minimise the stuff and be a little more sustainable in our parenting journey?

How to build a sustainable future from a parenting perspective

Something old, something new, something borrowed…

The nesting urge is real, and it can be hard to go against yourself and not buy everything brand new – we only want to give our child the best after all. However, borrowing baby stuff is a great way to reduce your footprint and most of the time, it’s in brand-new condition as babies grow so quickly.

  • Join a few ‘buy and sell’ pages on Facebook and buy second-hand clothes and baby goods in near-new condition. This is especially true of clothes and toys for newborn to six months as baby isn’t eating or moving yet!
  • Accept the bags of clothes, bouncers and activity mats from friends and family. These are things you might end up passing on anyway as they won’t have a sentimental value attached, and you can keep the cycle going.
How to build a sustainable future from a parenting perspective

Quality not quantity

When purchasing your big ticket items, look for quality. This is one way you can make sure your purchases are sustainable by ensuring your cot or pram will last for years and years.

  • Support local

Supporting local businesses is not only good for the local economy but also means after care is generally pretty easy and much more personable.

Edwards & Co is a small New Zealand company who make a quality range of strollers and accessories. When you buy from Edwards & Co you buy from a family-owned business who is immediately available to answer questions, offer advice and take care of any issues. There’s no getting lost when you call or email!

  • Multi-purpose

A bottle warmer or nappy bin has one job – and it does it well – but you might want to consider buying baby products that have more than one function.

When shopping for a cot you might like to buy one that converts from bassinet to cot to toddler bed. Or is a shape/size that will work beside your bed if you want to skip the Moses basket and put baby straight into a cot.

When shopping for strollers you want to make sure it will last you until your child no longer needs a stroller. Can you add a second seat or attach a toddler board? Does the seat turn around to face you? What are the wheels and framework like?

How to build a sustainable future from a parenting perspective

The latest collection by Edwards & Co features the Oscar Mx stroller (completely redesigned from the ground up) and the complementary travel system:

  • Parent or forward-facing seat suitable from newborn (with insert) to 20kg
  • Foam-filled tyres for less maintenance and no risk of punctures
  • A massive storage basket to hold a nappy bag in the early days and a scooter or bike later on
  • An integrated infant capsule and carry cot attachment

The Oscar Mx is also a three-wheel, all-terrain buggy and goes from footpath to café to grass and beach seamlessly. And it’s made of quality materials which means although you’re buying new, you can be confident your stroller will last for years.

How to build a sustainable future from a parenting perspective

A final word

A sustainable future is something we all want for ourselves and for our children. It’s not about being perfect but instead about making small changes that add up.

Maybe in your household you use beeswax wraps and reusable nappies. Your friend uses disposables but takes her Keep Cup everywhere and hardly uses the car.

Find what works for you and stick to it.

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Grab yourself a 5% discount with Edwards & Co with the codeword BABYBERRY5. Shop and see their full collection below.

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