Is a three-wheel stroller right for you?

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Is a three-wheel stroller right for you? Well we wanted to get this question answered by our friends at Edwards & Co. Because they sure do know a thing or 2 about strollers!!

Most of us will do our research before buying the big essentials like our child’s first car seat, bassinet and stroller. But sometimes, after wading through the reviews and online discussion threads, we’re still left with two or three options to choose from.

A stroller is a must-have item and there’s plenty of different strollers available. Whether you’re a sporty family needing a jogging stroller or something more cosmopolitan; the options can be a little daunting when you start your search!

Something you want to consider is three versus four wheels. But what’s the difference?

The difference between three and four-wheel strollers can simply be the look you’re after. If everyone in your antenatal group is going four-wheels, you might feel out of place with a three-wheel stroller – and vice versa!

However, there are some functional differences between the two:

  • Maneuverability
  • All-terrain
  • Parent vs forward-facing seats


A three-wheel stroller generally has greater maneuverability i.e. it’s much easier to go around sharp corners, in and out of small spaces or to make quick turns.

Despite its reputation for being more “sporty”, this feature makes a three-wheel stroller a great option for those frequenting cafes, the mall, supermarket or any other urban setting.


A three-wheel stroller is usually better suited to outdoor terrain like gravel, dirt paths, sand or grass. For example, the Edwards & Co Oscar stroller has large, air-filled tyres which provides suspension and an incredibly smooth ride. This makes it comfortable for your baby as you head out on a brisk morning walk.

Simply crossing the road with a stroller can be a little stressful – you’re pushing precious cargo after all! A three-wheel stroller gets up over kerbs easily and means you’re safely on the footpath even quicker.

Parent-facing vs forward-facing seats

Generally, four-wheel strollers can have your child facing you (parent-facing) or facing the world ahead. Many popular three-wheel strollers do not have a reversible seat so your baby can only face away from you.

This can be a downside as very little babies sometimes find it hard to know you’re still there if they can’t see you. Cue the tears and an unhappy walk!

three wheel stroller

The Edwards & Co Oscar is unique in that regard as the three-wheel stroller has a reversible seat that can be forward or parent-facing with the push of a button.

So, how to choose three versus four wheels? Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I want to be able to jog with my stroller?
  • Do I want to take my stroller on the beach?
  • Do I want a stroller that’s easy to push through a café, busy mall or footpath?
  • Do I want everyone (Mum, Dad and grandparents) to be able to push the stroller easily?

If you’re answering yes, a three-wheel stroller might be the one for you!

three wheel stroller

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