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Kids’ dinnerware. Is it sparking you joy?! How about your kids? When it comes to dinnertime, sometimes it goes well, other times… well, you may find food thrown all over the place – that’s just how it goes with little ones! So we know it’s going to be messy, that’s a given, but you can still have fun with your kids’ dinnerware.

We’ve found lots of goodies across with our friends Baby Eden and we wanted to show you through them today.

We Might Be Tiny

When it comes to kids’ dinnerware, you can’t go past the super cute designs of We Might Be Tiny. Super stylish and really functional too, always important. Kids’ bowls, bibs, mats, straws, snack packs and more. They’re also incredibly well designed in the sense that they help little ones feel confident to feed themselves.


Beautiful, practical and really earth-friendly. These lightweight, bamboo, non-toxic, practical kids’ bowls, kids’ plates and utensils can be used for years and years. They have a removable silicone suction base, so you can take it off when your little one gets a bit older and keep on using!


Baby Eden also stock the popular brand B.Box. This brand absolutely understands the importance of a good drink bottle. They give a lot of thought to design, functionality and aesthetics. Their wonderful kids’ cups feature an ergonomically angled silicone spout – this makes it really comfortable for your little one to drink from. And super gentle on baby’s gums. It also has an easy-grip handle which means it fits your little one’s hand for super easy drinking. Another great feature about these kids’ cups you’ll love is that there is an in-built spout cover – you know what means? No more lost lids!! Plus it helps to keep the mouthpiece clean. Winning.

Ez Pz

It’s all in the name with this one. They’re all about keeping it easy peasy. They have the suction feature on their kids’ bowls, which means kids can eat independently and develop their fine motor skills. Also means you don’t have to worry about the whole bowl being thrown across the room. Plus the oh so lovely pastel colours look gorgeous!

So there you have it! Lots of really useful, helpful kids’ dinnerware for you to choose from to help with independent eating and fine motor skills. Plus, they’ll help to keep dinnertime fun!

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