Lamington Socks – they stay up & stay on!

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When my little ones were born, I was always on the lookout for socks that would actually stay up and stay on! It was always so frustrating that kids’ socks would simply slide off and we were constantly losing them. Then I discovered Lamington socks. This was a game changer!

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

Made with NZ Merino Wool

Not only are these socks such a great fit, but they’re made with NZ merino wool. So the comfort and the warmth factor is already there. One of the reasons that merino wool is so brilliant is its warmth relative to weight. The fabric has a natural loft that traps heat very efficiently between the fibers, making it warmer than a synthetic of the same weight

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

Wear Lamington Socks all year round

People often associate Merino wool with being something you wear in the Winter, but it’s actually really good in the heat too. This is because merino regulates your body temperature really well.

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

How did Lamington Socks come about?

Sarah Teensma is the genius behind this beautiful brand and she started with the range initially designed for infants and children. She was getting such great feedback about her amazing socks that it wasn’t long before Sarah found that women, who avidly bought socks for their kids, wanted their own Lamington socks.

So, a women’s range was launched, and Sarah even tells us that her husband borrowed her socks and became addicted, and that’s when she decided to launch a men’s range too!

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

I love that this brand is not only created in NZ but the socks and tights are made there too. NZ merino wool is quite simple beautiful. Plus, it breathes too.

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

All of their socks are named which is just so sweet. The team at Lamington have a fun session naming their socks for each collection and involves a lot of laughs! Sometimes they are named after their kids, pets or just random names they come up with when they look at the sock design.

Lamington Socks - NZ merino wool

Christmas Socks

Lamington Socks have just released their gorgeous Christmas range of socks too. Trust me when I say, they’re super sweet!! Time to get twinning as a family I say… how fun for Christmas Day!

Exclusive Offer – 20% off

The lovely team at Lamington Socks have given us a discount code for you to use. 20% off their full range including adults (it does excludes packs, bundles and last chance). Cannot be used with any other offer.

Be sure to pop across and check out all the incredible designs at Lamington Socks via the link below.

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