Montii Insulated drink bottles from Bulla Baby

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Now that school is back (* breathes a sigh of relief) and now that we’re heading straight into Winter, have you thought about giving your kids an insulated drink bottle to take to school?

Perhaps a warm soup for lunch for them? Or some noodles? Or anything else that will fill their little tummies.

Our friends at Bulla Baby stock the brand Montii and their insulated drink bottles are brilliant.

Montii.Co drink bottles are a smart combination of style and hydration. They can be used all year round for cold drinks and hot too.

Why are Montii.Co original drink bottles great? bottles are made from Stainless Steel (18/8 and 304), with a kid safe, scratch and dent resistant finish. 

All painted Montii.Co products are lead free, non toxic and safe to use.

Insulated drink bottle - Montii - Bulla Baby

Their original lid is also Stainless Steel, with an engraved bamboo topper and small silicone ring to ensure a water-tight seal.

The bamboo lid is interchangeable to sports cap (sold separately).

Little kids can drink with ease with a sports cap if preferred. It’s probably easier to start with.

Insulated drink bottle - Montii - Bulla Baby

The sports cap/lids are made from BPA-free polypropylene.  Its unique wide opening mouth makes it easier to fill in ice in your liquids.

Liquids stay cold up to 24 hours. You can also fill apple or orange juice as acidic beverages will not corrode or damage the high-quality stainless steel. 

Insulated drink bottle - Montii - Bulla Baby

Montii.Co bottles are double-walled and vacuum insulated making them suitable for hot and cold drinks.

MontiiCo bottles provide 12 hours of warming. Bottles are condensation free so there’s no need to worry about damp in kids school bags or your nappy bag.

Insulated drink bottle - Montii - Bulla Baby

Montii.Co bottles are safe, durable, BPA-free and highly rust resistant. The bottles will not retain or impart flavors and can also be used to store breast milk or formula. 

Mini Montii.Co

Looking for something a little smaller – they have these cute mini versions as well – perfect!

So there you have it! These drink bottles are a great investment and will last and last! Pop across to check them out at Bulla Baby via the link below

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