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Who feels like they’ve lost their sparkle a little bit?

If you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’ and a bit ‘meh’, then you need to know about Move It Mama. First up, this is not just another fitness program. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. You don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn and get to a gym. No no no. This is an online community where you can do the Move It Mama workouts in the comfort of your own home. AND you only need 20 mins!

“But I have children running around at my feet”

Yip, we all do. And Lisa Fong (founder and genius behind this movement) has 4 boys (yes 4) and she wanted to create something that mums could do at home, with kids. So you gotta leave those excuses at the door…

Sometimes we lose our sense of self. Our identity. Our sparkle.

Lisa mentions this on her website. And it really resinated with me. She’s right. I’m so sure this affects us all. I dare you to find another mum who hasn’t felt this way. Go on, ask your friends!

So what is Move It Mama?

Move It Mama is all online and full of inspiration and quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout videos. And how do you access it all? Lisa broadcasts it all by Facebook Live. So you can do it while you’re in your pj’s, in your sweats, with kids eating weetbix in the background, whatever! And you know Facebook lives mean. It’s not pre-recorded and it’s not rehearsed. It’s real and raw. Lisa says you might even see a few of her kids being sent to ‘time out’! Move it Mama shows you that no matter what; no children or multiple children, it can be done and you can feel happier.

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

How does it work?

All you need is a Facebook account and you can do the workouts with Lisa. There are 5 workouts per week. They’re 20 mins each (we can all find 20 mintues in the day!)

Monday – 9:15am
Tuesday – 6:10am
Wednesday – 7:15pm
Thursday (Back to Basics) – 9:15am
Friday – 6:10am

Remember these are in NZ time. So for AEST, it’s 2 hours back (ie Monday would be 7.15am)

But if you can’t do them live, you just catch the replay! That’s the best part!

Membership costs

Memberships are – $10 per month or

$99 one off annual payment

Pop across to the MOVE IT MAMA website to find out more!

My sit down with this inspirational woman, Lisa Fong

I was lucky enough to interview Lisa and her AMAZING Move It Mama movement and I wanted to share it with you today…

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

Tell us a bit about Move It Mama and how it all works

Move it Mama is all done through Facebook.  I jump on and do my workouts through Facebook live and the girls/partners/kids/nanas all do them with me. If they can’t do the workouts at the times I do, they can do them whenever it suits. That’s the best thing about it, a lot of the girls want to workout LIVE when I’m working out (this helps them stay accountable and push themselves harder), but with our busy lifestyles (and when you add kids and babies in the mix), sometimes it’s hard for people to join at the exact time.

I can’t see you but you can see me! Sometimes you see me disciplining my four little boys, sometimes they’re annoying me and that is fine, it’s just the reality of motherhood!

“The workouts are about 20 minutes long and they are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).”

You don’t need any equipment.  All you need is your body! Move it Mama is breaking down all the barriers, excuses and reasons for not exercising. I do a beginner workout every Thursday and I always advise to do those for a few weeks first if you’re new to this type of exercise style. I want you to sweat, I want you to puff – I am, so it’s only fair you do too!

“Once you’re done, it gives you the biggest rush of endorphins”

It puts you in a happier mood, and helps you go about your day.  Sometimes we lose our sparkle, and I reckon Move it Mama will help you get it all back.

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

When did Move it Mama start?

Move it Mama began way back in June 2017.  I was helping a few of my friends work out from home and motivating them.  Once a week they’d come to my driveway and I would share my workout with them.  They loved it and didn’t realise how quick it took to get a good sweat up, feel stronger but most of all, happier.  We started a private Facebook page to share inspo and then one morning it was raining.  

I said to them I could do the workout through FB Live (I was a rookie back then, had never done FB live before)!  I did it, they worked out at their homes while their babies slept, I did mine in my lounge while my baby slept!  They loved it. They loved how convenient it was for them.  So, they told their friends who then told their friends.  

“It grew and grew and the group was up to over 5000 followers when I decided to make it into a business.”  

I involved the girls right from the get go, as it was out of my comfort zone to actually start charging people as I just LOVED doing it for free.  All of them were encouraging and they all had been feeling guilting not paying as it took up a lot of my time.  

I loved it though – it was something different than mothering my four little ones.  It gave me such a huge sense of achievement and pride to see so many gain so much. I was getting emails, letters, cards, gifts – about how much I was changing peoples lives.  Such a thrill!  Anyway, I decided to sort out a business plan and launched the official Move it Mama website and membership on February 1st, this year.  

“I have now 1500 members and it is growing by the day.”

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

What was the main reason why you started Move It Mama?

The main reason why I started the business was I didn’t want to go back to teaching and it was time to think about returning to work.  My youngest turned one last November so it just kind of seemed like the logical thing to do and especially cos so many people were encouraging me to take that next step.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be a business woman, but also to be doing something that is so extremely passionate to me and something I have wanted to do for so long.  To reach those people, help those people that need to find their sparkle again.

What major obstacles have you had to overcome to get Move It Mama going?

One of the hardest parts of this whole business thing was using Facebook.  I love doing it all through Facebook but there have been times I have been put in ‘Facebook Jail’…I swear that’s actually a thing.  

I was private messaging lots of welcome notes to the new girls and I think they thought I was spamming so I got blocked from some features.  It’s hard to get any questions answered, I have messaged a few times and no one has gotten back to me.  Now that I have a proper business page though, maybe that might fix a few things and stop stuff like that happening again.

I also found it hard to work out how to do the whole membership side of things but still keep the logistics the same. I wanted to keep everything the way it was because it was working so well.  A lot of tears and frustration when trying to figure all that out, it seems to be working well now and I have quite good systems in place.

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

What’s been your biggest business (or personal) achievement so far?

I feel an enormous sense of pride that I have been pregnant, given birth and am raising four amazingly beautiful little boys.  I find motherhood quite hard and am not afraid to say that, but those moments when I really stop and look at them and breath them in, nothing beats it.  Obviously, the other biggest achievement is my 5th baby, Move it Mama.  

I feel like I have lived and breathed it for what, 8 months now and I am very proud of it. I am just so excited about the future and helping so many women find their ‘happy’.  

“I believe we all deserve to be happy.”

I reckon exercise makes us so much happier.  And for me to make it so much easier, so much more relatable  and within a sense of community, I’m pretty proud of that.

Why do you like having your own business?

I love having my own business because it is mine. It was my idea. I didn’t get it from anyone else. It has grown organically. I have nurtured it and worked really hard on key components which is why it is working.  I love the fact that I am helping and encouraging so many. I want to keep encouraging, keep motivating and keep spreading the sparkle wherever I go.  

Move It Mama - Lisa Fong - in home workouts

What would we find you doing on the weekends?

The weekend begins at my house on Friday night.  We have ‘Friday fun night’.  My husband comes home, turns on the music, pours me a wine and opens a beer.  The boys have an easy dinner followed by some chippies (they eat their dinner first so they don’t just pig out on the chips)!  The boys often do dance off battles and it’s pure chaos.  

They go to bed by 7pm so after that, Dan and I sit and chat and eat dinner later. We normally eat with the kids Monday to Thursday so it’s always a treat to just chill out and unwind together.  Saturday mornings, we go out for a coffee and take the kids somewhere. In the winter it’s all on with rugby and sport.  So hard now to watch them all play, too many kids!  

Often home again for the arvo to just chill, me do some housework and Dan out in the garden with the boys.  Sunday, during the summer we go to the beach as the boys do Nippers, grab a coffee, Sunday drive is often on the agenda, a picnic at a park, visit my parents (they’ve just relocated to Christchurch from Wellington which is AMAZING) – just the usual things you do with kiddies.  

One thing is for sure, it’s way better to be outside with the boys so we make sure there is a lot of time spent outdoors!

Tell us one random fact about yourself?

I can easily eat a whole pizza…and some. Haha! Is that even random? I have so many random things about me.  Just join Move it Mama and you’ll find out loads more haha!



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