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Play activities & games

Keeping little ones happy is always front of mind as a parent. Ensuring they have fun activities to do, games to play and basically, just letting them be little to explore and enjoy everything.

We’ve been hunting around for some play activities and games to keep your little loves occupied and entertained. 

Here are some of our favourites – all from small businesses because you know that’s where my heart lies… support small as much as you can!


Play cards

Take the guesswork out of coming up with activities for your little one.

Bursting at the seams with fun play ideas, these play cards can be used whenever you need them.

Indoors when it’s raining and you can’t get outside.
Outside when it’s hot and you want some fresh air.
Take them in the car when you head away for holidays.
Keep some at Grandma’s house.

Think cloud dirt, air dry clay, and glue you can make yourself. When we allow children to actually create their supplies, we fire up a whole lot more of their ever-growing brains!

Available from: The Play Card Co
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Stampies - We Might Be Tiny


This colourful animal cookie stamp set, The Stampies™, is the perfect baking fix that guarantees surprising animal encounters of the edible kind.

Let your munchkin run wild creating playdough animal friends. 

Ask your toddler to name their favourite animal friends and learn all about the colours of the rainbow with your bright Stampies™ set.

Available from: We Might Be Tiny
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Personalised Puzzle

These wood name puzzles really are something special. Not only are they a beautiful keepsake, but they’re also designed to promote early letter recognition and teach your child their name in a fun and interactive way.

Featuring their exclusive imagery for each letter, you can use your puzzle to match letter tiles to the corresponding image on the puzzle board. You can also use the double-sided letter tiles as a learning aide for children to recognise, locate, reorder or copy letters, in both capital and lower case variations. This fun puzzle will grow with your child and is a beautiful keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come.

Available from: One Chew Three
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Connetix Ball Run

This pack has everything you need to kickstart play with limitless open-ended STEAM learning opportunities

This is the perfect expansion pack to any magnetic tiles collection to explore gravity and motion

Available from: Friends Of K
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Pretend Play Food

A great way for kids to learn about different food groups, colours etc.  Start their pretend play journey with picnics in the park. 

Available from: Jo’s Homemade Treasures
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Craft Boxes

Available from: Castle & Kite
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Puzzle clock

Fun with time! This clock helps with enhancing fine motor skills, teaching your little one numbers, colours and shapes, and helps them develop their mind and hand-eye coordination skills while playing

This wooden shape sorting clock with 12 shaped number pieces fit to match up make it a fun learning activity.

Besides learning about clock and time, it is also a puzzle toy for learning about geometric shapes.

Available from: Little Gents Store
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Learning and fun with Jellystone Designs’ Triblox! 9 Triangle Blocks made from toxic-free silicone that little ones can use to build, stack and learn. Perfect for open-ended play, each colourful block features a number and corresponding illustration on the other side for added learning opportunities. Triblox is an excellent way for little ones to channel their own creativity and direct their own play!

* Blocks are numbered 1 – 9 with corresponding textured illustration on the other side
* Ideal for open-ended play
* Perfect shape and weight for little hands to explore, line up, balance and stack
* Tactile surfaces that can be squished and squeezed.
* Available in our three bestselling colours – Rainbow Bright, Pastel and Earth

Available from: Groovy Kids Co
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Face Paint Set

This Natural Face Paint Set is full of bold vibrant colours which will create endless fun and creative experiences. The range contains no fillers and no preservatives – just pure colour which is perfect for sensitive skin.

And yes it washes off with water!

The fun box was designed by local Western Australian Designer Rosa Ronco and includes characters and dress-up inspiration for your child to inspire them at playtime. 

A little goes a long way so don’t underestimate this small pot of fun!

Available from: Oh Flossy
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Jenga is a fun and easy game you can play anytime and anywhere, providing endless entertainment for both children and adults.

This beautifully designed Jenga game features some animal pictures on the wooden block pieces.

The blocks are made of beech wood, and non-toxic paint.

While playing this game, there are so many skills promoted, such as communication skills, social skills, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and so much more!

Available from: Nest Fun Creations
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Keeping Kids Busy Bags

Keeping Kids Busy bags are full of 10 engaging, fun and educational activities designed to keep kids busy anywhere. They are great for travel, hospital stays, new sibling gifts or cafes and restaurants. 

They have a wide range available for babies, toddlers and bigger kids plus limited edition themed bags.

Available from: Keeping Kids Busy
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Garden Set

This gorgeous silicone garden set is perfect for your little ones playtime whether it be in the garden, sandbox or at the beach. They are made from super soft silicone, very flexible and durable.

These sets will provide endless fun and entertainment, but will also help to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Available in 4 beautiful colours (please note: the watering can is the main colour listed below, they can’t change the colour of the rake and spade)

Each set includes:
1x Watering Can
1x Rake

1x Spade

Available from: Wild Crew & Co
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Soccer Table

Perfect for keeping kids playing together and having fun! A stimulating table-top soccer game that helps to develop dexterity and quick reflexes. *Players can hit the ball or defend their goal by turning the knobs and moving them up and down the side rods. Points can be scored by hitting the ball through the hole on the opposite side. Each player has a set of colored beads to score

Available from: Mr Kipp Eco Toys
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My Day Box

The activities in this box carefully balance all areas of development to promote happy, thriving learners.  The activities in this learning box includes:
  • A MY DAY timber Brain Board, made in Australia.  This board is a visual display to develop independence and sense of security for children
  • Days of the Week Spinner, Grasshead Experiment  (instructions and checklist, pot, face stickers, seeds and soil), Snakes and Ladders (morning and nighttime theme) with dice and counters
  • Activities to develop understanding the concept of time – yesterday, today and tomorrow – and the days of the week
  • Craft activities to assist development of scissor skills
  • Physical wellbeing exercises
  • Booklet with clear, specific instructions
  • Handy Teaching Tips to create a positive learning relationship with your child

Available from: Budding Brains Learning
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Space Colouring Set

Suitable for space-junkies who obsess over all the things above our skies! Reversible and reusable colouring mat suitable for home or on-the-go. Versatile surface can also be used for baking, crafts, games and tableware. 

Made from premium materials for safety, sustainability and repeat-play value. Clever packaging includes bonus activities to minimise waste. Promotes gratitude and kindness through a unique social impact initiative.

Gives parents guilt-free ‘me time’ or a chance to connect without chaos or clean-up. Turn little moments into big opportunities to learn, create and give. 

Available from: Little Change Creators
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Easter Printables

Do you have a little one who loves Easter as much as we do? Well, this is the perfect addition to your Easter celebrations.

Imagine your little one in the backyard following the clues on their very own Easter Hunt, carrying their basket and wearing the Easter hat they created themselves.

This printable Easter pack is perfect for creativity, exploring, arts and crafts and all-around fun.

Available from: My Learning Corner
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Wellbeing & Affirmation Cards

Use these fun cards to help children build a strong mindset and resilience from a young age.
– 12 question cards to encourage children to think differently about their day.

– 12 activity cards to help children practice mindfulness.

– 8 feeling and emotion cards to help children understand and describe their feelings.
– 32 positive affirmation cards to help you encourage support and inspire children.

Available from: Two Little Ducklings
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Bingo game


Little ones love BUU the ‘Tude Dude and they love BUU’s Bingo Board and games set even more! So many ways to choose and match ‘Tudes with these super cute BUU Cards.

Learn about BUU in the Hi I’m BUU Book which includes 12 fun activity pages. Then play BUU games while learning about feelings and attitudes in fun and engaging ways.

Game Set includes:

  • 4 x Bingo Boards
  • 2 x sets of 34 BUU Playing Cards
  • Game instructions & rules
  • Packaged in a premium linen box
  • Game suggestions + Instructions

Available from: Choose The ‘Tude
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Play Calender

365 Ways to play is a book/ calendar offering simple and easy ways to play for every day of the year.
The book includes:
365 play activities
27 recipes for food and messy play
24 instruction cards for activities that may take a little longer to explain.

Every activity uses items we already have in our homes and craft boxes. The activities are simple to do and always include an element of learning. This book is perfect for newborns to the early years of primary school- all activities can be easily adapted to suit a range of ages making it the perfect family friendly school holiday play item.

Available from: Chronicles Of Play
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Nature Play Activity Book

Hours of nature play ideas in one handy book. Your Wild Child, the second book in the Your Wild Books series, is a beautiful, practical and easy to use nature activity guide for children aged 2-12 years.

Full of new and interesting nature-based activities, this book is suited to slightly older kids as well as young ones who have a helping hand.

With this book, you can help kids play independently with nature, and discover ways to bring nature indoors – great for those times when you’re stuck inside.

This book is perfect for parents, grandparents, early years and primary teachers and home schoolers, as well as great for camping and school holiday play ideas.

Activities are open-ended, adaptable to suit your location, require minimal craft supplies and are inexpensive.

Available from: Hunting For Wildflowers
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To top it all off… a brilliant playmat so your little ones can play for hours on end (and keeping any mess off the floor!)

-Machine washable
-100% Soft cotton top layer
-Perfect for messy sensory play, toilet training, out on the go
-6 designs to choose from

Photo credit @gemma.leigh.r and @lifebylucaphotography

Available from: Rudie Nudie
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Supporting small is essential…

So there you go! Lots of helpful fun, play activity products for your little loves. If you see anything you need, we’d love you to support one of these beautiful small businesses. Where a real person actually does a little happy dance!

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