Stress free travel with a bag that turns into a cot – genius!

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We all get told about all the various products that help us when we have a baby – you have to have this, you need that… but one product I rave about here at Baby Berry (and I WISHED I had when my kids were babies) is this amazing Baby Travel Nursery Bag and Carrycot.

Oh how many times I could have used this!!!

The delta baby nursery bag

converts into a comfortable carrycot. It is ideal to carry all of your baby’s essential items, and can be easily converted into a comfortable carrycot (without having to empty first) for your baby to sleep in, or for changing baby.

It consists of four large storage compartments, one of which is equipped with isothermal covers to keep the baby’s bottles and meals at a constant temperature.

When the nursery bag is opened, the storage compartments are situated around the carrycot allowing easy access to all the baby’s things.

The baby bag is both light and practical. In short, the essential accessory for all the baby’s outings.

$179.95 and it includes FREE NZ delivery.

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