Swimwear made from recycled plastic

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I’m so excited to be able to tell you about this INCREDIBLE new product that Anarkid have just launched! They’ve created swimwear made from recycled plastic. Hello to helping the planet!! Yasssss!!

Some of you may have heard of this gorgeous brand before (as they list on our directory) and I’m just so thrilled to be able to show you their latest range.

Swimwear made from recycled plastic - Anarkid

Clothing + swimwear

Anarkid have both clothing and swimwear in their collection and I just know you’re going to fall in love with it. For two reasons.
1. Because it’s super sweet and oh so cool and
2. Because this brand cares, genuinely cares about planet. Hard.
And that my friends is what makes me love them even more.

Swimwear made from recycled plastic - Anarkid

Anarkid’s swimwear

Anarkid’s very first ethical swimwear range, is swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles.  Yip, plastic bottles. The swimwear is lined for durability, chlorine-resistant and UPF50. So you can rest assured that your little love is being kept from the suns’ harmful rays .

Swimwear made from recycled plastic - Anarkid

How utterly wonderful to think in that buying this swimwear, you’re actually stopping plastic from ending up in landfill or our oceans. I’m taking that as an enormous win for our beautiful planet.

As soon as I heard Dominque (the amazing creative behind this brand) was launching this, I jumped online and bought a pair for my son and daughter. Not only does it mean I can feel really great about this purchase, but I’m teaching my children about it all too. After all, we’re always out picking up rubbish and doing our bit as often as we can. Now they can understand that recycled plastic can actually be made into clothing. How cool is that?!

As you can see, Anarkid have either the long sleeve swimsets or you can get the style without long sleeves below.

Swimwear made from recycled plastic - Anarkid

Anarkid’s clothing

Their SS20 collection is inspired by the 90’s.  They’re bringing back slip dresses (think: Clueless), camo prints and scrunchies, with matching barbie doll outfits. Yes! Your little one can twin with their barbie!

This range has been made for creative thinkers who love the nostalgic feeling of things from their own youth and want to share those memories with their own children. Ahhhh memories!!


While sustainability has always been at the core of Anarkid, they’ve taken some big steps to improve the way they do things this season. 

They are proud to continue using organic cotton, but that isn’t enough. 

Being an ethical brand also means responsible production which is why this is one of their smallest ever collections, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Anarkid SS 20 collection

They use bio-degradable packaging to protect their clothes in transit, and all marketing materials are made from recycled cardboard.

Anarkid SS 20 collection

Using every bit of fabric

Did you now that up to 30% of fabric can be wasted during the production process?!

That means fabric cut-offs that are too small to be used for clothing go straight to landfill and it’s time that something was done about it!

So Anarkid have been making a Barbie doll range. It’s made from fabric cut-offs to help reduce their carbon footprint. Talk about thinking outside the square. How brilliant is that!?

Anarkid SS 20 collection

So if, you’re keen make really conscious decisions about what you buy, know that when you buy from the brand Anarkid, you are doing just that.

And therefore YOU also deserve a big pat on the pack too!

Exclusive offer – 20% off

Anarkid have been kind enough to give us a promo code for you to use should you decide to shop with them.

Just use the codeword BABYBERRY20 at the checkout which entitles you to 20% off their new collection.

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