Tea Tree Pillows & Mattresses

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Tea Tree Pillows & Mattresses

Did you know you can buy mattresses and pillows for children that are made from organic tea tree fillings?! There’s an amazing company out there called Tetra Tea Tree who produce these products in Sydney (and have done so since 1949!).  These mattresses and pillows are a healthy, safe and sustainable choice for parents that want to reduce their children’s exposure to synthetics and chemicals. 

They’re breathable – naturally promotes airflow in baby cot mattresses and pillows. 

They’re non allergenic – ideal mattresses for babies with allergies or sensitivities. 

They’re anti bacterial – natural flakes safely won’t harbour fungus or mould. 

There’s a really neat story that goes with business that I wanted to share with you today. The story of Tetra Tea Tree bedding began before 1949 when a farmer moved with a large family to a property in rural New South Wales. On the acreage of that property, past the farmhouse, stood a lonely Tea Tree, the only remainder of a forest of trees that were cleared years before.

Tea Tree was regarded as useless at that time but the farmer could not reach for the axe to remove the last tree standing. Instead he let it stand, appreciating its beauty and noticing the welcome shade its dense crown of dark green leaves gave.

On one hot day the farmer found himself standing under the trees shade. He noticed that the bark had flaked off and lay around the trunk. Holding a handful of the flakes, he felt their silky texture and noticed that they were feathery light. A faint aroma of Tea Tree hung in the air.

Rubbing the Tea Tree bark between his fingers he saw smaller flakes being created and floating off into the air, seemingly lighter then feathers.

The owner was fascinated and an idea had been born.

Some years later the Tetra range of infant bedding was created, an Australian innovation that proved to be comfortable, safe and natural.

Check out more across on their site

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