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There’s a lot of baby products out there. It can be hard to know which are actually really useful and serve a purpose… but that’s where I can help. Today, I wanted to share with you some products that are truly incredibly HELPFUL products. Not products that you buy and never use, or buy and just look pretty, but products that are designed to solve a problem you have. Trust me, you’re going to be thinking, how did I live without this!

Check these out… 

top baby products - sinchies


This isn’t just your run of the mill standard swaddle… no no no. This one is sure to keep your little bubba nice and secure and so they’ll actually stay IN the swaddle. We all know that swaddling can be hard work. Your baby sure will like to wiggle around and escape the swaddle as quick as they can. But, check out this swaddle from Bebitza.

Free leg design
It makes swaddling as easy as 1-2-3!
You’ll see that it has the ‘free leg’ design to allow healthy hip development and preventing hip dysplasia. Very important indeed.

It also has a soft velcro system – so it’s really easy to get your little one into and out of. It’s available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Available from: Bebitza
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top baby products - sinchies


You never quite realise just how much ‘stuff’ you need when you’re out and about with your baby. So many different situations can arise where you need various baby items, so you want to be prepared. But you don’t want a million and one bags with various things… you want it all in one pack.

The Sorento Backpack style allows you to have your hands free to hold your baby or little one’s hands making your day easier to navigate with kids.

Features a built-in USB charging port so you will never run out of battery while out and about. (battery pack sold separately)

Features their smart external baby wipes pocket – grab a wipe in seconds even when the bag is on your back.

Beautiful classic design and colour are dad-friendly

Spacious design with more than enough space to cater for multiple children and a pocket for everything to keep you organised.

Available from: Bambino Bagz
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top baby products - sinchies


These Linen Baby Play Mats are a must for every new mum and bub. Of course we’d love to hold our babies 24/7 but it’s just not possible, so you need to have somewhere to pop them down every so often. These mats are soft and cosy and just perfect for your little love. 

Each mat is lovingly created to be gentle on your baby’s skin and good for the planet. They are made from a linen blend fabric that’s naturally hypoallergenic and filled with recycled polyester padding that is OEKO-TEX® certified

Inspired by Montessori, each mat is designed to encourage free movement in a way that doesn’t over stimulate your baby. These simple, stylish play mats create a calm, uncomplicated play space for your little one.

Extra thick padding for maximum comfort – so important!

Machine washable because life with children gets messy!

Each time you purchase from The Muse Edition, you can feel great that a portion of your order will be donated to 1% For The Planet on your behalf. This money goes towards the protection of our environment through nonprofit organisations that affect real change.

Available from: The Muse Edition
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top baby products - sinchies


It’s so important to keep your little love nice and warm when you’re out and about. Check out this genius product that’s actually a 2 in 1… The Snuggler

It’s perfect for cocooning your baby from head to toe keeping them so cosy and warm, and then changes to being able to open up fully to create a safe play or change space wherever, whenever making it the perfect all-year round essential. 

It’s a universal product fitting a range of bassinet and stroller models.

Your stroller straps feed through the back of the Snuggler, attaching it directly to your pram so your baby is safe and secure in their cosy cocoon.

It is water resistant and machine washable as well.

So quick and easy to detach from your pram and takes only 30 seconds to put back on again saving you time having to go from place to place.

No more fussing over blankets, your little one will stay protected from the cold win and have plenty of room to kick around without kicking off the Snuggler.

Available from: Bebitek
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top baby products - sinchies


If you have a baby just starting solids or an independent toddler that likes to feed themselves, the Sinchies Baby and Toddler feeding kit is for you! The baby and toddler feeding kit will support you through your weaning journey, save space in your freezer and save your sanity.

Make your own homemade goodness that’s free from preservatives, sugars and additives but leave the stress out of mealtimes with the convenience of squeezable Sinchies reusable pouches.

The kit includes screw on spoons for the little ones, and silicon lids for ‘self-slurping’ when they get a bit more independent.

Designed using transparent, recyclable plastic with a ziplock for easy filling and washing (also free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC), this kit has everything you need to get started on quick, easy and healthy meal prepping for bub!

Available from: Sinchies
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top baby products - sinchies


Now this is a game changer. Seriously helps with clean up time after you’ve been feeding your little one.

Firstly, it keeps food off the floor. It has a wide net catches falling food and saves your floors and carpets.

It’s easy to clean. Food and mess is collected in the catcher, simply scoop out and wipe down.

It’s machine washable. Hooray for being able to throw it in the wash!

Fits any 4 legged chair.  Uses adhesive fasteners to attach to front and back. Versatility allows the product to grow with the baby from high chair to booster seat to toddler chair and beyond.

Saves stress levels! Ideal for baby-led weaning and making feeding time and clean-up a breeze.

Available from: Mumma’s Little Helpers
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