Turn kids art into jewellery with Art To Charm

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Kids grow up so quickly. It seems like they’re little for ages, but then all of sudden, they’re all grown up. When your kids are still young, why not take some of their art and turn it into something you’ll cherish forever… some stunning sterling silver jewellery with Art To Charm.

Art To Charm is a beautiful business that will create personalised jewellery just for you. You can turn your child’s art into jewellery that you’d wear and keep close to your heart. You can use your little ones artwork, perhaps their hand/foodprints, some of their first handwriting, silhouettes of photos and even those incredibly special ultrasound images.  


The jewellery is all lovingly handmade and personalised at Claire’s in home workshop.

What is it made from?

Everything is created with solid sterling silver so that it can last a lifetime. There is no plating involved. You can have items double sided too if you like. Created from your photos, edited to include only the parts you want, can be multiple images edited into one design.

What types of jewellery can be personalised?

There are lots of different options to choose from for both women and men.
Pendents for necklaces
Cuff Links
Men’s bracelet

How does it all work?

Claire has made it all really simple when it comes to the ordering, here’s the process of how it all works…

Step 1 – you choose the art or idea you want created on the piece of jewellery then order the jewellery online
Step 2 – upload your images for personalisation and select additional personalisation options, Claire will then be in touch with final designs options with different layouts based on your ideas for you to choose from
Step 3 – Claire takes your final chosen design and recreates it onto Sterling Silver, in the exact form you’ve designed with her
Step 4 – That’s it! Wait patiently for it to be created before you receive your beautiful handmade personalised jewellery! 

A special gift

Whether you choose to create something for yourself or perhaps you’d like to give a gift to a Grandparent, Aunty or Godparent…Transform your childs gorgeous art into beautiful keepsake jewellery to treasure for many years to come.

Be sure to pop across and check it all out via the button below. 

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