Turn kids’ artwork into a book

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Ever wondered what to do with all the artwork your little one brings home from kindergarten, school or just all the many MANY pieces they create at home!? You can turn kids’ artwork into a book with the help of Jimmy Halfpenny.

Guys, this is a game changer. No more needing to sneakily pop them into the ‘special filing cabinet’ aka rubbish bin.

No no no. Get all the best ones and turn them into a book. (But yes those ones that just have 1 straight line on them can still go into your ‘special filing cabinet’)

For years and years, I had my daughter’s art work in a big bag shoved in the back of the cupboard. Then I discovered Jimmy Halfpenny and knew I needed them! It’s SUCH a brilliant idea.

Turn kids' artwork into a book - Jimmy Halfpenny

How does it work?

It’s really super simple.

  1. Decide on which size book you want based on how many pieces of artwork you want to include.
  2. Jimmy Halfpenny sends you a starter kit if you’re based in Australia (if you’re based in NZ, an electronic kit will be sent to you)
  3. Sort through the artwork and package it up in the pre-paid envelope to send back to Jimmy Halfpenny
  4. Sit back and wait! They’ll create the masterpiece and when it’s all done, they’ll send it out to you.
Turn kids' artwork into a book - Jimmy Halfpenny

Ultimate storage solution

It’s kind of like the ultimate storage solution. No more having scraps of paper laying around. Instead, you can have it turned into a beautiful coffee table book. A keepsake. Something to look back on and treasure.

Side note – if you do want their original artwork back, they’ll send it back to you.

Turn kids' artwork into a book - Jimmy Halfpenny

Art books and art cards too

I got an art book made up recently with my daughter. It’s of her paintings and pictures from 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten. The process was super simple and I’m in love with the end result. Incredibly professional. The quality is just wonderful. They also create art cards too. So you can get some beautiful art work printed onto some cards and then send them out to friends and family. Super special indeed.

Honestly, being able to turn kids’ artwork into a book is such a brilliant idea.

Turn kids' artwork into a book - Jimmy Halfpenny

I’m super keen to get another one done in a few years’ time for her first few years at school too. So I’m going to start stock piling now. Such a great keepsake and a beautiful way to see your child’s artwork bloom over the years.

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